Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The reason for that little TEST I did below is that I wasn't able to post for the last few days. i actually wondered if I had gone beyond the size limitations or something (bragging again...haha) i am getting close to 900 posts on this crazy blog. Have I really had that much to write about in the last few years?...some of you are shaking your heads...

anyways, I am back and tired tonight. I am happy to be lying on the couch listening to my new Stan Rogers record (yes vinyl) that I bought today for a looney.

I would like to be out listening to Geordie Haley's Everytime Band at the Red Guitar but I am so physically wiped that it is not going to happen (sorry Geordie)

I had fun there last night with Ben Grossman. Lots of suprises, as is the nature of improvised music but I thought some of it was fun and different than some of our other directions we had travelled together.

I am really looking forward to one week from tonight when Andrew Downing and I are going to play a set of duo music (banjo and cello) followed by myself, Ravi Nampally and Nate Renner.(august 23)

It looks like we are going forward with a documentary about the making of my next Cd with the Hornband. This seems somewhat exciting, although I can already imagine the idea of being followed by a camera for the next year plus could be a bit much at times.

That's it for now. Any questions?


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