Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nice to get an email today letting me know that CBC radio 2 played some of my music today....I am curious what they played. It was Jurgen Gothe so I am somewhat flattered and suprised.

Yesterday I had one of the best rehearsals I have ever had. Andrew Downing on cello and myself on banjo, in the backyard, couple cold adult beverages and voila...big smiles. Seriously though, I am really enjoying playing duo with Andrew. I hope it is as much fun to listen to as to play. (we are at the Red Guitar on August 23)

Today was a fun day with the kids, lots of swimming, running and laughing. I was a little tired at the "get go" as I was up a little late with Quinsin checking out the recording of his latest project with John Taylor, Ernst Reijseger, and the string trio.

I reviewed his last one on my podcastand this one is an even more massive project than the last. (I swear he composed more notes on paper for this Cd than I have written out in my whole life...and I have penned well over 100 tunes)

So far my impression is that it is beautifly complex, thick and dark (with a little humour in there too) maybe I was sworn to secrecy...ooops. Sorry Q.

p.s. more technical difficulties again with the podcast. Hope to be done tonight or tommorrow.


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