Monday, July 31, 2006

It is truly sad that my friend Corry Sobol has decided to sell The Red Guitar here in Toronto. It has become a hotspot for jazz music here in the big smoke and now it might disappear. Her and I both hope and truly believe that someone will come along (hopefully really soon) and buy the business which is all set up, well organized and in place (even a great staff!) to continue as a top jazz club.

She was close to breaking even and anyone willing to committ to it for two or three years would reap the benefits, be able to live the romantic life of a jazz club owner and help out the jazz world at large. (I started getting calls from all over the world to play at the RG!)

Please, spread the word and hopefully the right person will come along and invest in the Red Guitar. contact

She is booking door gigs into September but only two weeks in advance as the future is unsure.

I am seriously considering interviewing myself for my podcast about the trials and tribulations of booking a jazz club for a year. It was quite an experience. I learned a lot. Had a lot of fun and not at times. It is pretty interesting to learn about how others approach gigs, money, communication and many other topics. I have somewhat of a "priveleged insider's look" at the Toronto jazz scene.

Maybe that paragraph was enough and I will skip the "self-interview"...haha.



At 7:57 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Very sorry to hear about the Red Guitar. It's a wonderful venue that has featured some amazing music in an intimate setting. Please keep us posted about the fate of the place. I'd buy it myself if not for this pesky rent and food thing.

At 8:53 AM, Blogger tim said...

Hi Mike,
we are all sad. It was a great place to perform and to listen to music. There has been some interest from people who would like to keep it as a jazz club but no takers yet.

What someone needs is $75K and a person that will commit their life to running the club (for a half decent wage). A manager of a Restaurant needs to be there about 12 hours per day.


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