Sunday, July 09, 2006

I love when I get to do these kind of posts! If you could only see and here where I am right at this moment. I am backstage (three feet from the main stage) at the Vancouver Island Music Festival...oh my god...please mark this place on your calendar for a vacation someday. This is easily one of the greatest festivals I have ever played at.

There is a killer New Orleans boogie woogie (that is totally the wrong term..haha) band onstage right now. Steve Earle just finished a beautiful solo set and we heard a killer Jerry Douglas workshop today too.

I guess I should be telling you about our gigs. They have been fun. Any time I spend with the band is cherished time for me. Howard Johnson is a special person, a great artist and a good friend.

We are playing the mainstage at 1:15 tommorrow which is kind of exciting. We had a bit of an impromtu rehearsal on a hill today and tried my new tune "going to the island" and I think we will try it tommorrow... if I can be brave enough.

Backstage here is pretty heavy, food is killer, music rocks, tonnes of friends new friends. I am a lucky guy.

thanks for reading.

P.S. Extra shout out to Nancy. Howard is well!


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