Thursday, July 27, 2006

I have a little negative energy which is rare for this space (so you know) I am a little down on society for being unable or disinterested in communicating. This has been a theme in my writing here over the years.

it is important to contact people and let them know how you yes, I love your podcast, please stop writing offensive remarks in your newspaper etc.

Two examples today (one being positive) drive this home for me. My friend Bill was trying to check out my podcast and let me know that it was not there (episode 3).

this means that the hundred or so people who already went there looking for it and didn't find it couldnt take the time to email me that they had problems. Note: my email address is right there handy for them!

On a more positive note, my brother in law forwarded me a podcast regarding solar panels and I forwarded immediately to a friend who seems interested in this and added it to my mp3 player for future listening (to remind me I am interested)

By communicating this morning we may add to our eco potential with regards to solar power right here in my he tells two friends and they tell two friends etc....

please, call your friends, write your MP, start a blog...we need to communicate to learn and maybe even save the planet.
Please check out my PODCAST.


At 4:28 PM, Blogger MaLj said...

Good to hear the podcast problems are solved, Tim. I tried to download #3 some days ago, and wondered if i should email you about it, but hesitated... Will listen another day (too late here now). /Maria Lj.


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