Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Last night was a hoot at the ol Red Guitar. It was so nice to hear John Millardplay the music from his latest Cd with his new band. He is really one of my favourite singers. He was playing all these beautiful classic Canadian folk tunes from the Cd but my fave numbers were the trio arrangements of his songs from the first two records.

So many great musicians there hanging out last night which is not uncommon at the RG or most jazz clubs but it was neat to see Anne-Marie McDonald there, Ron Sexsmith was sitting right beside me having what seemed like a lot of fun and Kurt Swinghammer too among others.

I was happy to be hanging out with some friends of mine also really good was a bit of a singer night...I feel sort of...left out. haha.

I took Dylan and Leo to Dylan's soccer game tonight (always nice to be out in the open park, fresh air (sort of) birds singing and kids laughing and smiling while they kick the ball around (often in the wrong direction!)

Now I am going to work on the music for my gig next thursday. Tim Posgate's Reduction Trio with Dave Clark and Evan Shaw. (June 29, 7-845pm) We are rehearsing tommorrow. Funny, with my music I often have as much or more fun at the rehearsals. (although you really can't beat large, attentive audiences like we had at the Rochester Jazz Fest last week)

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