Sunday, June 11, 2006

I am sad but not suprised that I cannot attend Rob Cluttton's clinic today at 2pm at the NOw lounge on Church st.

It is followed by two really good bands, playing together; Drumheller and Ken Aldcroft's Convergence.

I have never made it to this regular Sunday concert series. It is not because I am any more or less interested in this music these days, just how busy I am, mostly at home.

I can't believe what it takes to keep everything together on the homefront these days; whether it is laundry, cleaning, homework, piano lessons, or just getting food on the table. (yes, occassionaly making sure there is some fruit and vegetables too!)

Right now, I have gigs and other work to do and that tips the scales in a ridiculous way. I have little or no time for anything else. yes...I will always watch the Stanley Cup playoffs...this is more like religion for me. (I know you know that already)

I am playing a concert in Rochester NY tommorrow night (monday) at the Milestones Club as part of the Jazz Festival with Howard Johnson and the Hornband. We haven't played together since last summer and I still have a lot of work to do today on this music.

See you in Rochester?


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