Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am listening to Ron Gaskin on the radio and really procrastinating from doing my taxes and paying some bills.

I am back from a great time at the Rochester Jazz Festival. We arrived at the club and I think everyone was a little bit disappointed with the venue. (any club looks like a dive when the lights are on)

However, it all turned out really nicely as a they were great shows. It was a pleasant suprise to have a lineup outside while we were soundchecking and then have people pour in for the first show. The second show was equally rewarding. I often judge a show by how well we communicate with the audience and these shows get a high ratiing. It is easier to do that in a good club setting.

I also want to mention a great restaurant we ate at called 2 Vine. A fanatastic Italian restaurant with some of the finest eats I have had in a while.

thanks to John Nugent and the Rochester Jazz Festival for inviting us and taking care of us so well.

Do you Torontonians realize how close we are to Rochester?



At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

but were you listening at tin, tin, tin Tim?

At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

jazz musicians pay their tax in june?
did you go the bill me method?
i did that once and laughed at
paul martin's letters for 3 years
as my yearly losses gradually ate up the

tim, thanks for the piece, and the
great june 8 writeup of rotunda six!

ive gotta make another batch special
to share with some of your music crowd

might i suggest setting up under a tree
in high park halfway to the scream stage
for an impromptu pass the hat kind of
informal acoustic blast off
say between 6 and 7, just the
lightest instruments?

do they legislate against guitars in parks? if they do (busker control program) then i'll set up selling
rotundas 40 feet away and when they
come after you you say "why not
go after the real criminals, that guy
is having his 3rd lawn sale this year!
and i'll shake my fist at them from
under my tree (and then run)



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