Saturday, June 03, 2006

How many times have i mentioned that my podcast is almost ready. Acutally the week or so it is going to take to find a host for it will give most of you a chance to get into podcasts. Go to the podcast page on itunes. They are free!

You can get your fave CBC shows that you miss and listen to them on your ipod!! (also at

It takes a minute to figure out what that is all about but since I have gotten into it i have been downloading lots of podcasts. I try to keep at least one handy that I haven't listened to yet for when I am travelling by ttc or walking or waiting in a line etc.

I am enjoying the hockey break. Nice chance to have a few hockey-less nights before the cup begins Monday! Go Oilers go!!

I had a great time at the Bill Bissett tribute Monday night at Clintons. Lots of great readings by friends and strangers and then Bill came on at the end and he was amazing. Really great performer. I was happy to buy a copy of the book they were celebrating called; Radiant Danse UV Being.

over and out (in print...for now)


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