Thursday, June 29, 2006

hi there,

Three things, (quickly)

1. Shout out and hello to friends in Sweden listening and/or reading! (sorry this weekends podcast will be delay till midweek as I am going out of town but watch for a Rob Clutton interview)

2. Don't forget, friends in Toronto that my Reduction Trio is at the Red Guitar in a few hours....7pm-845pm. (with Dave Clark and Evan Shaw!!)

3. Thanks to Ron Gaskin and CKLN for the tickets I won to the Masada show last night. It was so fantastic. Hearing Joey Baron for just the first twenty minutes was more than enough and the everyone sounded great. Lots of great conduction by Zorn and Dave Douglas playing the Masada songbook (over 100 tunes!?) by memory.

p.s Happy Canada Day!!
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