Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I know I am busy...(too many birthday parties!!...haha) when my blog just becomes a billboard for advertising my gigs. This is really not what this blog is about as most of you know but;

Thursday June 1 (yes, June is here my friends!) I am playing a special one at the Red Guitar with my old pals Rob clutton and Kenny Kirkwood. we always call ourselves the Riverdale Trio. We have played at every kind of venue and gig I can think of over the last fifteen years or so. (I am looking forward to rehearsing with these guys tommorrow as much as I am to the gig!)

so...thursday night 7pm to 845pm at 603 Markham St. There is a small cover $6 but if you email me and you are broke, I can put you on the guest list. (tim@guildwoodrecords.com)

for more info www.theredguitar.com

Hope you can come...the repertoire should be mostly original...probably a few suprises (suprises to us?)!!!

And...you can hear Kenny Kirkwood with a different group every thursday at this time in June. (although this is the only one that rob and I are playing on!)

see you there (food is yummy too!)


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