Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day!! I miss my Mom today. I always do on Mothers day. It has been over a decade since she died of Cancer. The happiness and beauty that we have in our house in completely because of her. She taught me everything I know about being a parent. (Okay I learned some stuff from you too dad!)

The sadness is slowly washed away today with all the happiness in celebrating the Mother in our house. Dylan insisted on having a baguette to prepare breakfast for his mom. i went and got one.

We were very successful in our quest yesterday with the red wagon, gather split plants from friends in the neighborhood. Thanks so much to Andi, Ken and Don, Miranda, Yesim and Cynthia (who even dropped off the plants after we missed them in our afternoon travels)

Now I am off to an all day workshop (on mothers day??) about podcasting as part of Digifest at Harbourfront.

Looking forward to it. Those of you out there who are regular readers....beware...things are going to change here pretty soon...I would guess.


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