Wednesday, May 17, 2006

do you ever get those pains in your chest...busy stressful days...rushing around?

Well I thought I would tell the Doctor today at my annual physical. He did mention I could loose a little around the waiste but said I am quite healthy. Even my cardiogram said I have something-rhythmia...? Anyways it means you have a heart that is in excellent shape, like most athlethes would have. This is detected by irregular rhythm in the beat pattern of your heart. Cool eh?

I almost missed my appointment...i was just heading downstairs with an hour in front of me to practise guitar and Julie calls to remind me to head to the doctor. It was in ten minutes...I would have been on time but realized I hadn't showered yet today (or for how many days?) So jumped into the shower, onto the bike and was only about ten minutes late.

He is a good guy. I like my doctor. My dentist on the other hand...
p.s. see you at the party tonight? I wonder if they will have a tv to watch the hockey game...damn...


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