Wednesday, April 26, 2006

why am I blogging when I could be practising you anwser he replies...sheepishly.

Fun listening to Gaskin on the air today. Lots of email interest in the Red Guitar in last 24 hours. I wonder sometimes what inspires a flourish of interest from artists.

I am in a strange phase of falling asleep watching playoff hockey these days. After a long day with kids, teaching, work etc. I am pretty wiped by the third period (or first period of the late game) I think I should just embrace it. You?

I really wish I had more time to get slick on my palm (code for needing to learn about my new electronic organizer) Seems this will be a slow process. Oh well. It is fun looking for wi-fi connections all through the hood!

I am going to jump on my bike to quickly check out a new friends art show (enjoy a bit of sun) before I make it home for a lpm rehearsal.

cheers in your beers!


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