Sunday, April 23, 2006

I often say; if all I had to do was be a parent life would be pretty easy. Today is sort of a funny example of that. I didn't do any work...ok, a few emails for Red Guitar business...but really it was Birthday party all day. It was fun and easy. I am lying. Seven, seven year old boys for two hours of indoor activities is not easy. It was fun but not easy. I am still in home mode as I am watching hockey playoffs. (yet another relaxing endeavor) I really do look forward to focusing more on my music in the next couple weeks. (this has almost been like a well deserved holiday) I am always thinking about music, taking notes, reading and tones of listening both detailed and background listening but always lots of music. I am still enjoying the Bill Evans biography. (if I had more money I would certainly walk out and buy about three Bill Evans records tommorrow!)

I really hope Calgary comes back to tie this game. I have a hard time cheering for Ottawa in the other series (major Leaf enemies) but I really like to see the Canadian teams advance.

I hear my email "ringing" so better get back to that.

p.s. The downside of this laid back type of weekend is I missed all the good shows I had written in my book including Nilan Perera with Suzana Hood and the John Oswald opening. What else is new? I just keep writing em down.


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