Sunday, April 09, 2006

I have really let you guys down lately. sorry.

I usely keep you up to date with the day to day but for whatever reason have let that slide. (my theory is that this the part that people most enjoy and actually brings them back for regular readings...not because my life is interesting but because I am somewhat honest and people like to read things they can relate to)

Anyways, tommorrow night is the National Jazz Awards...I don't have a ticket yet...damn!...still planning to go. I spent a large part of today on the ttc, in cabs and cars just getting Dylan to a birthday party in North West Toronto. (part of the problem with having most of his school friends "bussed in")

Also, I finally chose my 4oth bday present from my Dad and his wife and it is taking a lot of my time in the last few days (sorry I forgot to tell you Dad!)

It is like having a new computer (it is a new computer!) and I am not one to waste time in getting into new technology (some of my friends might be laughing at that one)

Any "Palm" people out there? I am excited about the potential but there is lots to learn.

The Red Guitar takes up it's usual massive amount of time. I may have slacked off a bit in the last few days and I will pay for that. (ie. tonight and tommorrow needs lots of work on the old RG) I heard some really nice music from Marilyn Lerner, Matt Brubeck and Nick Fraser there last night. ( I was disappointed that I forgot about Dave Rempis being in town on Friday...I wish those guys would send emails as well as posting on the soundlist!...Did anyone go?)

Yes, I am working on my music. Getting a bit of practising in (never enough) but had a really fun duo session with Rob Clutton last week. I hope we get to do more of that.

Time to watch the 72 Series on CBC (if you don't know what that means...dont worry about it!)
p.s. go leafs go!!


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