Saturday, March 04, 2006

It is funny that I have been obsessed with Elton John for the last week or so. Mostly the song Rocket Man. (playing and singing it has been my obsession)

I felt funny and akward telling a few friends about this lately as I am anxious to find some more of sir Elton's records (gotta be vinyl baby!)

This quote from the Globe made me feel a little better somehow. Dont miss this concert! I hope to be there on Sunday (I can't believe my son is intvited to a Birthday part at exactly the same time in almost the same neighborhood...let the synchronicty continue!!)

CARL WILSON (Globe and Mail)

With the significance of jazz as anything but a historical music so badly deteriorated today, Shipp sees the tour as secular evangelism. "If I'm seen as a 'crossover' artist, to me you can't get more crossover than playing solo piano. People have pianos in their homes. You think of solo piano, you think of Scott Joplin, Vladimir Horowitz, Rubenstein, even Elton John. That's why I want to get out and connect with people in small rooms."

Solo piano, he says, is "turn-of-the-century music" -- and Matthew Shipp is more than ready for jazz to turn to face the next one.

/Matthew Shipp performs tonight at 8 p.m., at the Music Gallery, St. George-the-Martyr Church, 197 John St., and tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. at Arraymusic Studio, 60 Atlantic Ave., Ste. 218.


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