Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I was just perusing (sp?)the Rex Jazz Club website to see if I could steal some ideas for upcoming bookings at the Red Guitar when I noticed that the Bloomdaddies are playing there this Friday.

I have always wanted to hear this group. It is lead by saxophonist Seamus Blake (who I first met at the Banff School of the Arts many moons ago)

Earlier today i was listening to a Cd that Rob loaned me featuring a great trio including a highly original and exciting American drummer. It was reminding me how some groups completely "lean on" the individuality of its members. I suppose this would be fine, except that drummers like this one are in so many groups, recording and touring all over that it makes it hard for any of the groups he is in to be extra special etc.

I am only thinking out loud (again) to see how this relates to my projects. (bellybutton time?) ie., I am lucky to have very talented and unique musicians in my groups but my question to myself is; am I able to offer something to the listeners that goes a fair bit beyond just band chemistry?

I suppose another interesting question would be how does this relate to adhoc improvisation recordings and concerts. (let's go for a beer and chat this one out shall we?)

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At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"just" band chemistry?...hmmm... well i guess i know what you mean, although what you're referring to seems like an imbalance in a band's chemistry? and i'm looking forward to doing the next record for sure eh.


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