Sunday, March 12, 2006

I open my eyes every two minutes or so and shift my head to see some of the abstract paintings that are the real world outside the train's windows. My mind is in a haze but I am able to see through it enough to enjoy my own reflection in the window. beautiful. Last night's concert is now the pastel painting I see in front of me blurring together with thoughts about tonights show in a new Country.

That was fun, as I was having a little "awake dream" on the Go train yesterday. The boys were screaming loud enough that they made most of the people on the train smile because of their childish excitement. It was obvious these boys are new to the train tracks that follow the south shore of Lake Ontario between Toronto and Burlington. (well...that is the part I know anyways)

It is equally fun to be in the that travelling, underslept artistic haze that the road brings on as it is to be with my family returning from a party in the suburbs.

Sometimes I question both but in the end I wouldn't trade either and don't ever want it to stop. Kind of like a train.

At the party I met this really nice guy who I had a lot of fun talking music with. I found it interesting that he really wanted me to come over and listen to music sometime. This was a good reminder that people without kids really have no idea how different life is when you got em.

There are so many things, including hanging out with my friends at their house and listen to music that I don't have time to do any more. It would be scarry if I started a list of things I don't have time to do. (have I ever mentioned that I haven't played a real game of tennis since Dylan was born 7 years ago. This is true but might not mean much to you unless you know how much I have enjoyed playing tennis since I was about ten years old)

This is my last day as a thirty something. Tommorrow will be no different but will be fun as I look forward to seeing a couple of those friends that I never get to listen to music with anymore.

Go Leafs Go!

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