Friday, March 03, 2006

I never enjoy rushing my blog but if you don't write it down you forget it. The abbreviated version goes like this....

Last night, yoga-book launch at the Gladstone featuring the Fake New Age Band (J Martin, R Driver and J Haynes), Karaoke so loud next door that I gave up on the poetry readings and watched people pretend they were Cher and Neil Diamond. It was great!! I heard some of the best and worst singers I have ever heard in one half hour or less. Before I went back to hear the Fake New Age I stuck my head in the big room. I forgot it was Canadian Music Week: Japanese, pop-jazz-punk group called P'ez. At this point my night couldn't get much weirder. It was perfect. Home by 1130. Almost feel rested today (you would never know it by the lousy game I played at hockey this morning!)

Happy Canadian Music Week!
Please vote for the Tim Posgate Hornband in Electric and Acoustic Group of the Year at the National Jazz Awards


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