Friday, March 31, 2006

I have decided not to go to hear Wayne Shorter on Wednesday. I am somewhat relieved as it means I will be able to afford to see some of the other shows (of which there are so many this week (Monk's Music Special Series at the Red Guitar, Eve Egoyan at the Glenn Gould, Anthony Michelli, Nick Fraser's 30th bday party at Tranzac (that young freak!)

Also, don't forget about the Helen Porter Storytelling concert Tuesday 8pm at Lula Lounge, as part of the Storytellers of Toronto Festival. Also featuring Rob Clutton and Lina Allemano...among others!

Oh by the way, I know it is crazy (and sometimes I feel ridiculous saying things like this) but i am not crazy about the new Wayne Shorter disc. Ok, I only heard it once so far but event the style of music is something I am not totally interested in at the moment. The simplest way to describe this type of music is post-Miles' 60s bands.

I guess they will take away my jazzer card for this...oh well. I will fight them to keep it!


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