Sunday, March 19, 2006

Back from La Belle Province...good times, good poutine and reading a good biography on Bill Evans.

Had lots of flashbacks on this trip (is it the fourty thing?) My kids in the backseat reminded me of all our trips to London Ontario to our grandparents. The two hour trip seemed like a guys are pretty good with the 8 hour trip. We listen to lots of music...suprised?...also reminded of sleeping at my Grandparents...I always heard the boogie man in the closet etc.

Pretty weird but, I didn't check my email while I was away...couldn't get a connection. Just scanned 150 emails or so as the CBC tested my Canadian allegiance by putting the Brier curling finals against the Leaf Game on Sportsnet....I chose hockey. (we won with a penalty shot...way to go Chad!)

My little belly button gazing is all feeling pretty weird right now as the news is putting up the statistics of the war on it's three year anniversary. Life can be weird. (blame it on tv?)

time to practise.

Please vote for the Tim Posgate Hornband in Electric and Acoustic Group of the Year at the National Jazz Awards


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