Monday, February 13, 2006

We just had a good game of road hockey on our driveway. Everything for us right now is "Olympic" Road Hockey! I lost again of course.

If you are keeping score at home you can clean up my tears here (ok, I probably won't cry) on Wednesday when they announce the nominees for this years Juno Awards. (not that I am counting the days!...haha)

Never before have I felt like I had a chance but always enjoyed the long-shot-of-it-all. This year I will be disappointed if I don't get nominated as I feel this is my best Cd I have made and it is something that is not too abstract.

If I don't get to "feel like for just a moment I am up there" with all my childhood heroes like Rush and Max Webster, I truly hope that some of my friends get nominated and regardless I will still watch the TV broadcast as I always have on April 2.



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