Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sure I love working, heck I am a Torontonian. (isn't that part of the deal?)

I do love what I do, but what I do includes everything I do. That is my secret. I realized this recently when my wife seemed upset with me for something and I realized that really it was her having trouble dealing with my general up-beat vibe. Somewhere along the way I realized that whether I am changing diapers, cleaning the house or washing dishes I want to be having fun. Probably my main trick is having good music on almost all the time. (I have mentioned here before about how many Cds I listen to per day)

As much as I love to work on my music and my "so called" career in music I really love these days at home with my (almost) four year old. We hang out! Really. We are listening and singing along with the Beatles, he is looking at his books (me at my laptop) and we interact and then go back to our own thing. Now don't picture this as easy, as I have brought him 20 things from the kitchen on demand and change his urinated pants and underwear three times already (it is only 930am!)

I really do love this time we spend together. I think he is learning about patience (he can be pretty good already) and I am a happy Dad as I get to do some of what I want to do. I guess I see it as OUR time. Hey...I even get to do a little bloggin!


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