Monday, February 27, 2006

Last minute I rushed over to the Varsity to see the Neil Young rock concert film; Heart of Gold.

What a great show! It really felt like we were in the front row of an excellent concert. Neil was slightly more talkative too, which I always enjoy. The insight he gave to some of his tunes from the new album really coloured them nicely too. I realized more from watching than I had from listening that each song is like a montage or a video without the images(?)

The guitar performance Neil gives on the final credits, sitting alone on the stage with all the lights on is worth the price of admission alone. (sorry Ron!...Ron had to split to hop a cab to make the ferry)

I won't spoil all the suprises but you get to hear a bunch of classic tunes that will make you smile.

It was well shot and the sound is fantastic. The tunes are almost identical to the new record but watching them deliver them is the new info we are given that you will love. He is so earnest and emotional from start to finish. I like the fact that he is almost always playing and singing right up to the limit of his abilities. I think that is a big part of the energy that comes through in the film.

I can really relate to this method of performing music and he has inspired me again.


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