Thursday, February 16, 2006

I am really enjoying the olympics. I really don't follow anything other than hockey but it is a great background for doing paperwork ( work etc.)

I was telling Julie tonight how it is somewhat nostalgic for me ever since th 1976 Olympics in Canada where my Mom and Dad really got us hyped for the whole thing. We had the plastic olympic figures, the books, watched it on the crummy black and white TV at the family cottage and it was so fun. I am totally instilling the same thing in my boys. They seem to really like it too!

Tonight Julie and I had a discussion that we seem to always have about where we will live next. It seems that Quebec City is a strong possibility. It would probably be for one year. I would like move closer towards being bilingual. I am not sure what I would do there but there are a bunch of creative people in that province in many disciplines that I would look forward to getting to know a little. (yes, I know it's a big province)

gold medals!!!



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