Sunday, February 05, 2006

I am just getting back from this show. It was fantastic. Way to go Andrew! What a film too. The set design was so minimal and so modern, especially for a film made in Germany in l919.

I have to confess that I am not the best person to talk about the film after one viewing as I was nodding off occasional. (long day...few too many last night...few too few hours of sleep and a long day of skating with the kids....zzzzzzzz)

Nice hang too. Great to see a bunch of friends out supporting another friend and his creative, large piece of work.

I am excited to check out some more silent films now too. I don't think i am too interested in trying to write music for them (never say never) I am interested in watching some more. (maybe some Buster Keaton with the kids!)

Here is all the info. (I wish I blogged it earlier so you knew about it in advance...though I am happy to say it was well attended)

It is basically about a somnambulist and a crazy doctor. (nuff said?)

play a live score to the silent film

Tonight, Sunday Feb 5 8pm
The Theatre Centre (1087 Queen West at Dovercourt)

Andrew Downing - double bass
Matt Brubeck - cello
Kathleen Kajioka - violin
Kevin Turcotte - trumpet
Tania Gill - pump organ


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