Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Canada vs Italy: What a fun hockey game! I haven't enjoyed watching a hockey game that much for sometime (and I enjoy every hockey game I watch!)

The personal stories really made this for me. Not one current NHL player on the Italian men's team. Parco for the Italian team is an Italian Canadian (as many of them are) and is raising his family while playing professional hockey in Europe. (as I always say; that is the only thing I would rather do than be a musician) He scored a goal and Muzzatti the goaltender played a great game. Muzzatti stopped more than 50 shots from the best players in the world.

This game was so quick too (on the clock); about two hours from puck drop to finish. I think a few personal things made it work for me too; I watched the first period with the boys and they were really into it, I am wide awake drinking coffee (versus beer) and the second and third period I got to watch in silence by myself (as I occasionally love to do).

I guess the other great part of it was that Italy was really going for it offensively with their home town behind them in the stands. I could feel their personal sense of achievment when one of them would pull a nice deek on one of these top NHL players.

My only regret is that I didn't convince the CBC to send me over to do an in depth feature (radio would have been great) on the personal stories in this game. I would love to know about all the Italian players personal lives leading up to the game and after. Also contrasting that to the lives of the NHL players, finishing their jobs at home and getting on a plane to Italy to play a game that was a sure thing and meant little to them.

I often find myself cheering for the home team and this morning was no different when I cheered after the Italian goals. (don't tell anyone!)

Go Canada Go!



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