Friday, January 20, 2006

You know you are a hedonist when you have to spend a long day of travelling two ways to a very sad funeral for your Uncle and you are spending a lot of time preparing Cds to bring. (i feel a little weird about it...especially writing about it)

It will be a very sad day up in Meeford (sp?) as my Uncle Ron McKeown (my Mom's Brother) died in a car crash in a snow storm this week.

I think rather than talk about how sad I am and what a day it will be I will avoid the topic and tell you the cds I just packed. (I realize this is pretty weird but perhaps it shows that this blog is not really a place to really deep, heartfelt I still keep a bit of a personal journal too)

Ok, Here goes (six hours of driving with my brother...making sure I choose things he likes too)

Veda Hille
Doug Cox
Waterson Mcarthy
Neil Young
Taylor Savvy Mix
Johnny Cash
Steely Dan
Sonny Rollins
Blind Willie Johnson
Skip James
Jim Guthrie
Hockey Hits
Howlin Wolf
David Grisman

roots music is totally the way to go when your tastes are kind of different. I hope this partly made up for all the top ten lists I promised at the turn of the Calendar. (ooops)
p.s. I had a great night out at the play "Your's To Break" and at the RG last night...details to follow when I get back.


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