Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Well, at least our riding got Olivia Chow to Ottawa. That is a small blessing when I think of the Conservatives in power.

Must think of a way to stay in touch, protest, campaign or call it what you will to make sure the Conservatives don't cancel the increase to the Canada Council's budget.

I already had one good friend in radio suggest that he might help publicize such an initiative!

I am hoping to make it out to see some stuff tonight: kavli (Clutton, Helmers, Randoja....Randi's Birthday today!!) is performing at the elmo for an indie film benefit at 10pm, John Southworth (featuring Jean Martin and maybe Andrew Downing?...at tranzac for the late set) and my neighbour Michael O'connell is at the Red Guitar tonight....Hoping to do it all. (had a little nap with my 3yr old today so that should help!

timmy p
Wooden Nickel Productions

"The Princess of Selkirk Avenue"


An evening of music, readings, raffles & celebration.

The high cost of film is as good a reason as any to throw a party!

Music by:

Kavli, Ron Hawkins, Bob Wiseman, AC3

Readings by:

Ken Babstock, David Seymour, Elizabeth Ruth

Hosted by:

Tim Burton


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