Saturday, January 14, 2006

Today I went to Aiko Suzuki's memorial at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. I didn't really know her very well but was sad for her daughter, my friend Chiyoko when her Mom died of Cancer. (cancer stories touch me very deeply as my mom died of cancer in her early fifties)

It was a beautiful tribute to a great artist and very special person. I was very inspired by this memorial to continue to try to fill each and every moment with special things, to always make art and be creative from sunrise until you close your eyes.

Aiko is responsible for that beautiful hanging sculpture above the fountains as you enter the Toronto Reference library. I was also inspired as many artists reminded us of her great collaborations with theatre companies, choreographers, musicians and more.

Another messgage I came away was trying to make a literal as well as artistic mark on the world. This has been on my mind more and more lately. I know I have given my music to a lot of people. I also am forutnate to teach music to lots of folks but maybe I can do more.

On the way home I got a ride with storyteller Helen Porter and we continued talking about Aiko which was really fun especially because Helen and I rarely get to talk one on on.

She dropped me off at Bathurst and Bloor and I had a great, brisk walk home in the sun and finally stopped in at the Linux Caffe on Harbord St.

Great vibe in there, wireless hookup etc. I will be back there again soon. (mmm...great espresso)


p.s. Fun gig at the Red Guitar last night. I think this Reduction Trio is worth pursuing. I need to listen to the recording and do some reviewing, reducing etc. (selling out that little club is good for the ego....sure it only holds 45 people but...)


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