Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This is post number 700 for me on this blog. That is pretty wild. I never thought I would keep it up for this long but it is something I really enjoy doing and feels like a regular part of my life. I am listening to a great Cd called Imaginaria I got from my friend Patrick Graham. It features him and Ganesh Anadan, both on percussion with special guests including Rainer Weins. They were right in the liner notes when they said turn it up loud! It sounds great.

i am having fun playing along with it. You can check out Patrick here

I recently heard a duo recording of Rainer and Ganesh that really knocked me out too.

yesterday I noticed another thing I do that puts me in the obsessive category when listening to music. I will go to the stereo, often to put on music to accompany me dressing Leo to go outside...sort of create an energy or keep another side of my brain busy. Funny...usually listen for about three and half minutes. Obsessive? Yes.

I really looking forward to playing at the Red Guitar on Friday. I only recently noticed that Corry has added the menu to the website. Great idea.

please make reservations, especially if you are coming for the first set. It gets pretty busy there sometimes on weekends.

Thanks for being part of this whole blogging thing. Wouldn't work without you!



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