Sunday, January 22, 2006

There are a few more days to see "yours to break." Quite a unique play. Highly erotic and it plays with your emotions as they go from choreographed sex straight into some intense boxing. Yes, real boxing, with gloves.

Live music was the key for me as Rob Clutton is on bass, Alan Cole on Piano and Rick Sacks on percussion. The songs were popular music like Hank Williams, Peter Gabriel, Lhasa etc. Fides Krucker has a great voice (I knew this already) but this wouldn't be the music I would choose to hear her sing. (ie. I am sure it was fun and exciting for her to step out of her modern opera career for a minute but I look forward to her stepping back into it) She really is great.

The stage design was quite beautiful and appropriate for the script and nicely minimal in a time where we are reading about the Millions of dollars being spent on the Lord of The Rings, theatrical version. Same goes for the lights and video work.

It was a nice capper to head up for the last set at the Red Guitar for David Occhipinti's group. Some intersesting music. (No shortage of talent in this band!) The music seemed a little hesitant but my hat is off to them for not only playing so much original music but a lot of it was brand new. I quite enjoy hearing a band working through new music. Art is a process and there is lots to be learned from every stage as a listener. Good crowd too. (I heard the first set was sold out)

p.s. I am not sure about being the booking agent and then being critical on my blog...hmmm...have to think about that one. (any thoughts from blogland?)


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