Sunday, January 22, 2006

I just heard a great concert on CBC's Onstage. I remember Ravi telling me about it when they were rehearsing but I just luckily turned on the radio at the start of the two hour concert when I was doing the dishes. (here is the info from the cbc website, disapointing as there are no photos or anything of the show...CBC rocks (way to go Todd Frarachi for producing a great show) when it comes to radio but really doesn't "get" the web yet.

OnStage from Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, a concert from the World series - "East Meets East" Mary Jane Lamond (Cape Breton / Canada)
Kiran Ahluwalia (India / Canada)
Shahid Ali Khan (Pakistan / Canada)
"The duty of Qawwali is to reduce the distance between the Creator and the created" quotes Shahid Ali Khan. Qawwali is the marriage of rapturous, spiritual poetry to mesmerizing singing and music. Kiran Ahluwalia's Ghazals explore the many aspects of the human condition, while her Punjabi folk songs celebrate them. Mary Jane Lamond presents unique interpretations of Scottish Gaelic traditions from the North Shore of Cape Breton Island. Joined by Rez Abbasi, guitar; Ravi Naimpally, tabla; Ashok Bidaye and Mombasher, harmoniums; and other special guests, these extraordinary singers explore connections and collaborations between modern and ancient.


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