Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I am suprised that the holiday is basically over. ie. my partner, Julie goes back to work tommorrow. However, I have the kids for the rest of the week. Hmm....better make some plans.

I remember planning, among other things to try to get a bit organized, paper work, music etc. (so much for that!!)

I did get a bit of a practising routine going which I feel good about.

I also watched a lot of films and some tv which is unlike me. I also watched a lot of hockey which is like me. I look forward to this weekend as Saturday is Hockey Day in Canada and Andy, me and the kids are going to see the Marlies play. Hopefully play some road hockey to and be all ready to watch the Leafs beat the Senators.

I have been doing a lot of Red Guitar work. Yes, it is a lot of work. Sometimes it is fun and interesting but I wouldn't do it if I didn't need the work. (I would probably do one night a week or something in that case) I am glad to be part of the Toronto scene, helping make lots of good music happen and creating some gigs for my friends. However, there is no denying it with a full family calendar, and a small but consistent teaching schedule I don't get to spend anywhere near enough time on my own music these days. THIS can be very frustrating and even affects my day to day happiness. (ie. I am happier when I am practising)

Having got all that off my chest I am really lucky to have a job like that where I work with great people like Corry and all the gang at the Red Guitar.

The second period is starting...Go Canada Go!

Happy Newy Year


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