Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am having a minor streak of bad luck. It was capped off with a bottle of red kids medicine completely leaking into my jacket pocket this morning at Cafe Brasiliano. (I will spare you the details of why I had it there in the first place)

I think it is a sign of better luck for the rest of the day, having Bill Richardson doing "sounds like canada" today instead of Schelagh Rogers.

Anyways, I am looking for a new "coffee hang" for thursday mornings. Cafe Brasiliano has been good but keeps becoming less desirable since they took away their weekday breakfast. Today was the final day for me when they asked for a looney for my cup of coffee refill (that I have to walk to the counter to get). It is not the money of course but the principal of it.

More interesting to me is that, they will never know why they lost their regular customer. I guess this is one of the tricky things about the business. I am someone who gets to know and talks to my servers but when things get negative, I am out of there. (this makes me think the average restaurant goer is pretty fickle)

As Corry tries to continue improving the Red Guitar with some major and minor changes it will be intersting to see who starts and stops coming and who voices their opinions and approval or not.

Sometimes we wish it was more like a club and we try our best to make people feel hopefully people will feel free to put in their two cents worth.



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