Wednesday, January 25, 2006

hi blogland,

I did make it out to the film benefit last night. Fun. Got to hear Kavli, Bob Wiseman and a really good poet I had never heard before named Ken Babstock. Will have to watch for his new book coming out, maybe by late winter.

It was Randi Helmers' 50th Bday!!! Wow. I never dreamed that that is what 50 could be like. She looks great, sounds great and has more energy than most 30 year olds. What is age anyways? I guess everyone starts thinking that as we get older.

Unfortunately the two other gigs I went to had both just finished as I arrived. Now here I am with not quite enough sleep in me and my three year old is not going to his usual Wednesday daycare as he has a cold. (yes, I am feeling a little sorry for myself today)

Although, I did enjoy listening to my first Cd Hoser City (GR001) while we cleaned his room this morning. The compositions are good, the sounds are pretty cool and some of the playing by the others is great. Unfortunately, my playing was not really strong back then. (Andy Milne plays some great piano and helped me produce it)

If anyone ever digs it up and wants to put it in perspective, it could be thought of as a small strain of musicians and compositions who/that were inspired in Canada by the music of Steve Coleman. Steve's music is one of the few changes in jazz music in the last twenty five years or so that can or will be remembered.

Unfortunately, Hoser City is impossible to find in the stores. I really wish I had some MP3s of it online. I plan to do that sometime but for now if you are curious you can send a cheque for $20 CAD to

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