Thursday, January 12, 2006

Friends are the key to life. Especially when we realize that our famies can be some of our best friends. Hanging out with Rob and Andrew last night was such a blast and then walking in the neighbourhood this morning and stopping to talk to a Randal and Sharon along the way made the blue sky and mild weather even more magical. Sure I love, email, the web or reading the paper occasionally but talking with friends in person can never be topped.

As I check my email this morning I am reminded that being on the "other side" of booking gigs is a strange place to be sometimes. I just told one of my peers that I am "all booked up". This is a strange phrase as they would probably be suprised or disappointed to know that minutes later I may book someone else.

This used to bug me so much when talking to festivals etc. Now I see what they might have meant. I may be booked up for guitar players, or for people who have already played the club, or for quiet trios, or for groups playing a certain type of repertoire. In other words, booking is a big ongoing puzzle that I really don't understand. Trying to walk the line of financial success at the door and interesting, creative jazz music is a challenging one. I still have a lot to learn and figure out about this little part time job.

Anyways, I hope people realize that there is no shortage of good musicians for me to book, I am just looking for the right pieces to the Red Guitar puzzle.



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