Friday, December 09, 2005

Tonight started off a little bit in the wrong direction as I went out of my way to try to hear two of my students(the same ones who made the film I was referring to in an earlier post) playing in their rock band at Funhaus on Queen St. tonight. Unfortunatlely they forgot to tell me that their set was moved to an earlier time. At that point, when I arrived I was grumpy. Did a little wandering, and finally ended up at the Red Guitar as planned to hear Tasa. Man they sounded great!! Definitely the best Tasa I have heard over the years. The place was packed and we had to turn people away again tonight. (good to make reservations there for dinner if you want to be sure to get in)

I had a good walk home in the brisk fresh air and picked up the latest Sigur Ross Cd which I listen to on itunes as I type to you. So nice to go by Soundscapes and find it open at ll:45pm on a Friday night. Yes, I love living in downtown Toronto.

I should be kind of tired as I started the day with a good game of ice hockey but I don't feel too tired. Interesting. I look forward to watching the Leafs tommorrow. I feel like I have been slightly out of touch with my blue and white friends.

Good night mittens,



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