Wednesday, December 14, 2005

This morning I played some christmas music for my son's Grade one class. It was really fun to see him in his school environment...those cute little desks!!

I was reminded of the fact that I have at least two musical personalities. When I am playing around a campfire, or singsong or even by myself in the outdoors I find I pay little attention to detail. I become a layperson for lack of a better term.

It is a strange feeling as I can sense the distance between that and my musical personality where I am treating the guitar and the music with more respect.

I think that situations like a Christmas singsong benefit from me being this way as I am more outgoing, funny, entertaining even then when I am trying to "make art." I have seen musicians who are taking their instrument very seriously in casual situations like that and I find it doesn't work as well.

Regardless, I don't like having the feeling of a split personality and would like to find a way to introduce these two characters to each other someday.


p.s. Don't forget to check out Andy Milne (from New York) at the Red Guitar on Sunday at 9pm.


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