Thursday, December 08, 2005

I often enjoy thursdays as I start off reading the paper at cafe Brasiliano. that is such a luxury to sit and read the paper for an hour while drinking their excellent coffee.

I was inspired after listening to Don and Reg and the REd Guitar last night and looking forward to playing some guitar today but ended up doing what I consider the opposite; working on press materials. I had to sit around reading quotes about me and trying to come up with some good ones for a mailer. Not fun. Maybe it would be more fun if I had more time in a week.

right now I am enjoying a john lennon biography on tv. He was my age when he was killed 25 years ago. So sad.

My tooth is still bothering me. It is a good reminder of how lucky I have been generally with my health so far as something like a tooth ache seems really major to me. We even had to go buy some advil as we don't even keep pain killer in the house.

I need to buy some more John Lennon records.

p.s. tommorrow.


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