Monday, December 05, 2005

Fun night at the Rex last night. Really great to hear Anthony Michelli playing with Quinsin's band. Everyone was so strong and the music was quite interesting. I think I understand more than ever why people write tunes on Standard chord changes. I still way prefer an original composition as a listener. I suppose, especially in a group where they are reading charts all night it is nice to play a tune that you know. Of course, one starts to wonder why people don't memorize changes if they are going to play in a band. (not that I always do!)

The comfort within the group was so obvious as they were all able to play on the time feel so loosely, sometimes taking turns laying it down and sometimes trusting each other that it was still there. Turcotte and Quinsin are inspiring to hear. Those guys can really play their instruments. (not a big newsflash...I know)

The other great thing about the Rex is seeing the huge new building that went up beside it and the Rex (Bob Ross) said NO!!! We will not sell. He should be given some kind of cultural award if you ask me. (then again...maybe all the people who run jazz clubs should.

I am enjoying a demo Cd that Caitlan Smith gave me last night. Quite an arranger!

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