Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Grand Festival is officially over so...bring on winter. (now of course we get rainy spring weather)

What a great day at the church on the island. The music was so good (if I do say so myself) Selina Martin gave a bang up set and I loved the combination of guitar, accordion and clarinet. Bob Fenton really took advantage of the acoustics of the church and the nice piano as he let the notes ring over top of each other and float high up into the room. We had a fun set with Don Francks. He is fun to perform with as he is so comfortable, and creative. The poetry was a nice addition to the music. I was a little nervous as we never rehearsed. (actually, I had never even seen him perform) I think it worked out quite well.

Thanks so much to Rebecca and Robin. How would we survive without the Rs?? Heh, speaking of which, my co-presenters Ron and Rob were solid too. I was lucky to just be able to worry about music (and making sure Dylan was happy and safe)

It was an extra special day since Dylan came and I was so happy to see him hanging out with my friends, meeting and joking around with Don Francks and ringing the church bell to start the day.

Time to get back on the phone and book some gigs for the Hornband. I am looking forward to a performance with Ben Grossman (Hurdy Gurdy) that I just booked for February at York University. (stay tuned!!)



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