Sunday, October 16, 2005

A great night at the Red Guitar last night. We packed it!! A good feeling. I was starting to wonder if I was becoming a booking agent. I think the band sounded really good too. I like the fact that we cleared out a couple tables by starting with an improv piece.

What a treat that Howard Johnson sat in for both sets. we played Oleo, Segment, one of my tunes and an Ornette tune called Mob Job. Oh yah...and Jean, Howard and I did Caravan.

I hope Howard picked up his "special Canadian porridge" while he was here or a special someone is going to be pretty disappointed. ( would be one more good reason for him to come back soon!)

A bit shout out to Edmonton...(rumour has it there is a big blog-readership there!)

I am out the door to hear Nick Fraser and Justin Haynes do their theatre/music improv thing.

p.s. Leafs are going all the way....Lindross!!!

p.s.s. thanks to all the friends who came last night; poets, musicians, friends, family, teachers...


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