Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hi folks,

in this neck of the woods a lot of us get excited about this time of the year (besides the fact that our kids are back in school!) as the Guelph Jazz Festival begins today.

This year, not only can you hear a number of the concerts on the radio (and online at but also the Red Guitar (a new venue in Toronto) is bringing a number of the visiting Guelph artists to Toronto!

Here are the details on all that stuff (this means I can hear Rob Clutton's solo bass concert tommorrow...hurray!!)

Thursday, September 8 - John Oswald +2
Friday, September 9 - Gordon Michael Allen Trio
Saturday, September 10 - René Lussier /Tony Wilson /Tim Posgate
Sunday, September 11 - Solo piano Sundays, 9pm John Kameel Farah 10:15pm Veryan Weston (from London, England)

The Red Guitar Art House Café
603 Markham St., Toronto, ON M6G-2L7
Cover: $9 (plus tax)
CIUT Guelph Jazz Festival live concert series

Wednesday, Sept. 7th - 1-2p.m. - Gordon Allen's Powerbuch
5-6p.m. - Ensemble Pierre Labbe
8-9p.m. - LaConnor
9:30-10:30p.m. - Tony Wilson Sextet

Thursday, Sept. 8th - 10:30a.m. - 11:45a.m. - Francois Houle, etc.
1-2p.m. - Rob Clutton
3-4p.m. - Cosmologic
5-6p.m. - Andre Duchesne

Friday, Sept. 9th - 1-2p.m. - Marshall Allen
3-4p.m. - Lori Freedman

Sunday, Sept. 11th - 7-8p.m. - Gordon Monahan & Jesse Stewart


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