Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I really can't imagine what it would be like to be a highly celebrated jazz artist. I am having trouble keeping it together with my few gigs here and there and a couple short tours this summer. It certainly would be hard to stay in touch with those you love, especially your lover and kids.

I think the slow development on the business tip is working out for me. It is so exciting and beautiful to have my kids running around right now as I listen to Mike Hansen's pre recorded radio show (he is in Newfoundland) type my blog and do a bit of work.

I am a little concerned about how and when I will get my music together for my Ratgate rehearsal tommorrow.

Ratgate is a new project with Kim Ratcliffe also on guitar, Anthony Michelli and Andrew Downing!!! What a band.

We are performing at the Supermarket in Kensington Market on September 13 in my monthly Guitar Wars series.

Hope to see you there....hope to see me there for that matter.


p.s. I am playing my first gig at the Red Guitar this weekend. The Chris Cawthray Trio, Saturday night 9pm


At 4:50 AM, Blogger Little Muddy said...

Wow. Talk about synchronicity. While browsing to find what's happening with my old friend Howard Johnson, I saw the tour blurb for your band.

Howard was something like the the best man at my marriage to Beverly
in Boston while I was going to Berklee in 1960. She passed away around 2 years ago.

Kensington Market was my stomping grounds for many years in the 90s and I had a Bike-shop there called Walkers Wheels.

My son is a working guitarist in the area, Marcus Walker.

I'd love to have contact again with Howard altho I'm now retired to the tranquility and breathable air of central Manitoba.

I'm a blogger and I imagine the "Little Muddy" Blogger display name will appear in this post.
Could you please contact me ?
Or say hello to Marcus at his gigs at the Oasis or many other clubs and he'd pass any info on to me.

Thanks. Almost makes me wish I hadn't departed "The Big Smoke"

Little Muddy


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