Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I am listening to Mocky on itunes. It reminds me of the the fun and crazy jam we had in Berlin last week. So nice of Taylor Savvy to set up a jam with his friends for me to be part of. Funny as the last time I had a jam that reminded me even slightly of this was with Savvy, Peaches and Steve Szigeti years ago on Savvy's Bday.

the jam in Berlin was with Kevn Blechdom, Mocky and PTR (that is the shortform for her stagename Planning To Rock) Also there was a sax player that I didn't really get to talk to. (forget his name already) I was intrigued when he mentioned that he was a friend, band member etc. of Braxton's. Just mention the B name and you get my attention.

I have some vinyl compilation that features the avant rock of all these folks. quite enjoying. it. As I left for the airport in Berlin the taxi driver was listening to some Berlin pop music on the radio and it put my whole visit in perspective in an odd way. I think I could partly see where these folks were coming from or what they were reacting to or "against"

Berlin Tim


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