Monday, August 29, 2005

Had a great weekend. So good to have some relaxed time with the family. a little picnic in the park (banjo and all..) a night of biking and climbing on the playround a good spiderman comic before bed.

Perfect. sister is here with my new nephew. so cute!!!

I am thinking about New Orleans. So strange to know about a disaster before it happens...yet here we are having our normal lives.

Last night I was reminded about how much I don't like television. I had things I wanted to do and instead I "flipped" for two hours ahhhhhh!!

I am inspired to practise even more than usual and should get a good week in before my teaching schedule picks up next week.

I am really just babbling...I think I will say bye for now. Don'f forget to check out the new listing at the RED GUITAR

. It includes the special music series Guelph Encore. I am excited about it, mostly because rene lussier is coming!



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