Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Exclusivity is something that has always bothered me. I know whenever we talk about starting a collective, music organisation etc. it comes up. I noticed it today when I was down at JazzFM doing an interview. I felt included. I know the Djs, they play my Cd, I am welcome. Of course it is a nice feeling but it there is always something strange about that. I suppose it is a good reminder why a lot of my peers don't like the station. they are "not included" I am sure this will only last for a short time for me as my Cd will only be "new" for so long an my next record might not be so popular.

nice to get an order from Sweden today for my new Cd!
I wonder how much it will cost to mail one cd there?

Oh well. Glad they are interested.

Was fun to be at the station with my boys. they loved it and everyone was interested in them and talkative etc.

don't forget: Ratgate! at the Supermarket tonight. 930pm two sets. (air conditioned!!!)

Supermarket is on Augusa in Kensington market just south of college.


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