Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Red Guitar is a success already! Seriously, if success was measured in great music, vibe, friends, good sound, food, adult I am so happy. Kind of proud actually. I know all I did was call the musicians but I am truly excited about a new place to play and to listen and to hang.

Occhipinti/Murley were the right way to open the place. Heck...David had a red guitar. (not planned) corry and Tania did a great duo set too. People really responded to their music and the Underhill lead his quartet through some exciting, blues influenced jazz party music. They were so good. so good to hear Mike Milligan on the bass. I think it is a good room for bass sound...hurray.

I am looking forward to too more nights of jazz bashing over there. Make sure you come down.

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